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We are BEATHMS. Promoted by team of Doctors and Visionaries in Hospital business, BEATHMS was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating world class Healthcare related software and solutions to make the task of delivering expert IT solutions and services to Hospitals and healthcare institutions, easier. With the rise of technology throughout the healthcare field, GSS, Inc. began to develop cutting edge software to better manage the information generated by newer technologies with one eye firmly focused on patient safety and the other on improving healthcare delivery.

We believe that the benefits of software designed thoughtfully and purposefully can effectively address the challenges faced by healthcare providers. GSS's Information Technology solutions in healthcare can help provide enhanced care to patients while conforming to present and emerging standards and regulations and ensuring seamless integration within the various divisions of healthcare.

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Complete Healthcare Management Software Suite scalable from primary care to tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals.
LIMS is one of the robust and contemporary platforms providing a great support to any HIS system for a hospital or standalone Labs.
Pharmacy module can function like a standalone system or can be integrated to any other HIS platform or 3rd party systems thus giving seamless experience to any hospitals.
Complete Healthcare Management Software Suite scalable from primary care to tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals.

We help Hospitals/Healthcare institutions
to manage IT and Applications!

“Healthcare is changing”. The IT infrastructure and staff hospitals have to manage are often challenged by the newer technologies and equipment’s that are making their way into hospitals. Aosta can be your trusted partner. We offer outsourcing of part or your entire IT department so that you can focus on your patients. We help organizations bring the latest processes and systems, recruit core IT talent, improve performance and follow best practices to improve safety and profitability.

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BEATHMS gives you power to create something beautiful!
Affordable assistance, available around the clock and adaptable to any environment are fundamentals of our company. Quality assurance is peer reviewed and continuous.
flexBEATHMS We have audit checks for implementation quality, which focus on process efficiencies and improving overall quality and productivity of the implementation team through an ongoing process redesign.
When there are any problems faced by the clients with data that are not recoverable, we deploy our executives in client premises for debugging and resolving the problem solving to provide ease of access.


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Some Highlights

We at BEATHMS are deeply concerned about the client’s satisfaction. Towards this end, we maintain a full-fledged support team. Our team comprises of experts who are well versed in the functioning of a healthcare facility.

  • Covers various Clinical, financial & Operational aspects.
  • Support ICD – 10 CM ,ICD – 09 & CPT Codes
  • Equipped with Insurance Module.
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • right mix of Clinical & Commercial aspects
  • Department Tracking System
  • MIS Reporting Capabilities
  • Browser Interface

Our Skills

Powerful Admin
Built-in Animation
Parallax Effect
User Friendly
HTML Skills
Joomla Development

Our Vision

To be holistic IT solution provider for Healthcare industry by embracing the best of technologies and skills to deliver world class Hospital Management Solutions and ensure greater services levels to patients using contemporary process and systems...

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